Clean Air

Clean air is both a health issue and a political issue. Clean air is important for all of us, even those of us in perfect health. The elderly, children and those with chronic respiratory issues are especially at risk.

In West Virginia we are dependent on electric power generated by burning coal. Burning coal releases particulate matter and harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

Conservation West Virginia advocates for a responsible shift from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and encouraging solar and wind industries to develop in our state.

Our Clean Air Platform

We support legislation that would require notice to be given to the public in multiple ways before any air quality permit is issued, including posting on the applicant’s website and the DEP’s website.

2023 Clean Air Bills

HB 2154

Natural Gas Electric Generation Development Act

This bill seeks to encourage development, transportation and use of electricity generated using West Virginia natural gas. It directs the Economic Development Authority to identify sites for generating facilities, and for timely decisions on construction by the Air Quality Board.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 1/11/23, referred to Energy and Manufacturing, then Government Organizations

HB 2159

Community Solar

This bill would authorize consumers to buy shares in a community solar installation and reap proportionate credits against their utility bills. Rulemaking and administration by the Public Service Commission.

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 1/11/23, referred to Energy and Manufacturing, then Judiciary

HB 2260

Repealing Additional Registration Fees for Alternate Fuel Vehicles

This bill completely repeals §17A-10-3c of the Code, which imposes higher registration fees for alternate fuel vehicles that use less gas and pay correspondingly less tax to support highway maintenance.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 1/11/23, referred to Finance Committee

HB 2356

Prohibiting Devices That Increase Soot from Diesel Engines

Creates a misdemeanor punishing installation of any device on a diesel powered vehicle that increases the vehicle's capacity to emit soot, smoke or other particulate emissions.

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 1/11/23, referred to Technology and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 109

Orphan Oil & Gas Well Prevention Act

This bill seeks to prevent orphan wells by prohibiting the issuance of well permits unless the applicant provides "plugging assurance." Plugging assurance must also be provided by owners of wells not producing in paying quantities. Plugging assurance is provided by a bond, a cash payment, or an escrow account in the actual amount needed to plug a well as determined by the Office of Oil & Gas

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 1/11/23, referred to Energy, Industry & Mining then to Finance