Clean Air

Clean air is both a health issue and a political issue. Clean air is important for all of us, even those of us in perfect health. The elderly, children and those with chronic respiratory issues are especially at risk.

In West Virginia we are dependent on electric power generated by burning coal. Burning coal releases particulate matter and harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

Conservation West Virginia advocates for a responsible shift from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and encouraging solar and wind industries to develop in our state.

Our Clean Air Platform

We support legislation that would require notice to be given to the public in multiple ways before any air quality permit is issued, including posting on the applicant’s website and the DEP’s website.

2021 Clean Air Bills

HB 2102

Notice Required Before Issuing Air Quality Permit

Requiring DEP to issue various types of notice before issuing an air quality permit, including online, social media and print.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Government Organization Committee

HB 2228

Health Impact of DEP Rules

Requiring the Commissioner of Bureau for Public Health to conduct a public health impact assessment of any new air or water rule, or modification of an existing air or water rule, proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection. The bill also requires that the findings in the impact statement be incorporated into the proposed rule.

Sponsors: Chuck Horst, John Doyle

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Health & Human Resources Committee.

HB 2234

Requiring Public Hearing for Air Quality Permits Relating to Large Facilities

Requiring a public hearing in the county where the facility is to be located, for any air quality permit application for a facility that will have an investment value of more than $25 million or be 25,000 square feet or larger in size.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Workforce Development Committee

HB 2246

Prohibiting Manufacturing Plants from Locating Within Two Air Miles of an Existing Public School

Prohibits manufacturing plants from locating within two air miles of an existing public school without the written permission of the county school board. Also requires that a majority of the school board voted to grant this permission.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Workforce Development Committee

HB 2316

Allowing Electronic Access to DEP Permitting Information

Requiring DEP to maintain an electronic submission system for the preparation, delivery, review, correction, approval, and publication of permit application data. Allowing access to the Department of Environmental Protection’s electronic submission system by all persons, as well as multiple persons involved in the submission of a specific application or other project by those persons involved in the project.

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/12/21; referred to Government Organization Committee

HB 2662

Prohibiting Alterations to Diesel Vehicles Resulting in Greater Soot Emissions

Prohibiting altering of retrofitting diesel vehicles with any device or smoke stack that enhances the vehicles capacity to emit soot or smoke, or purposefully releasing significant amounts of soot or smoke while operating the vehicle.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 2/23/21; referred to Technology and Infrastructure Committee