Clean Air

Clean air is both a health issue and a political issue. Clean air is important for all of us, even those of us in perfect health. The elderly, children and those with chronic respiratory issues are especially at risk.

In West Virginia we are dependent on electric power generated by burning coal. Burning coal releases particulate matter and harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

Conservation West Virginia advocates for a responsible shift from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and encouraging solar and wind industries to develop in our state.

Our Clean Air Platform

We support legislation that would require notice to be given to the public in multiple ways before any air quality permit is issued, including posting on the applicant’s website and the DEP’s website.

2022 Clean Air Bills

HB 2102

Required Notices for Issuance of Air Quality Permits

Requiring DEP to issue various types of notice before issuing an air quality permit, including online, social media and print.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Government Organizations Committee, then Judiciary

HB 2228

Assessing the Health Impact of Any New Air of Water Rule

Requiring the Commissioner of Bureau for Public Health to conduct a public health impact assessment of any new air or water rule, or modification of an existing air or water rule, proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection. The bill also requires that the findings in the impact statement be incorporated into the proposed rule.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Health and Human Resources Committee

HB 2713

Preservation of Coal Supplies and Coal-Fired Electric Plants

This bill would direct the Public Service Commission West Virginia Public Energy Authority to (1) permit expedited recovery of costs to install pollution control equipment at coal-fired plants, (2) take steps to ensure that the 2019 levels of coal consumption by these plants are maintained, and (3) require each plant to have a 90-day supply of coal. Before any coal-fired plant could shut down, close, or be sold, the unanimous approval of several agencies and the Legislature's Joint Committee on Government and Finance must be obtained.

CWV Position: Opposes

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Energy Committee

HB 3239

WV Energy Diversity Act

Establishing an orderly and comprehensive planning and review process for evaluating and developing renewable energy sources for power generation that will employ West Virginians and transition to a post-coal economy. Renewables include solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and others. The bill establishes achievable targets for diversifying West Virginia’s energy production utilizing West Virginia resources. It authorizes a study commission to monitor progress towards achieving those goals.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Energy and Manufacturing Committee

SB 19

Repealing Additional Registration Fees for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The bill would repeal WV Code 17a-10-3c imposing additional registration fees for hybrid and electric vehicles.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, then Finance Committee

SB 4

Repealing Ban on Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

The purpose of this bill is to repeal the law that bans construction of nuclear power plants. Similar in effect to HB 2882.

CWV Position: Opposes

Status: Introduced 1/12/22; referred to Economic Development Committee; 1/24/22 to Senate on second reading; 1/28/22 sent to House for second reading; passed by House sent to Governor; 2/8/22 approved by Governor.