West Virginia’s Supreme Court Case Could Undermine Climate Policy

As if we need more to worry about, an anticipated United States Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia vs. the Environmental Protection Agency may permanently alter the ability of that agency to regulate climate change. This case on which oral arguments were heard on February 28, 2022, had its genesis in the Clean Power Plan […]

WV House Passes Program to Regulate Geothermal Energy

In response to a research project being conducted at West Virginia University, the House of Delegates passed HB 4098 on February 10, 2022.  This bill sets up a regulatory structure for geothermal energy in the state.  Geothermal energy is the Earth’s heat reached by drilling wells several miles deep.  WVU has acquired a $7.25 million […]

WV Repeals Restrictions on Nuclear Power

In a fast-tracked process resulting in the passage of SB 4 by the West Virginia Legislature, the state no longer has any statutory guidance on how to evaluate an application to build a nuclear power plant. The repeal bill was signed by the Governor on February 8, 2022. The repealed statute — WV Code 16-27A-2 […]

Nuclear Power for West Virginia?

Conservation West Virginia is not opposed to nuclear power, which might solve a lot of our climate problems. We hope it will continue to be explored. On January 21, 2022, the West Virginia House Energy Committee passed out a bill for consideration by the full House (HB 2882) that would repeal the current law governing […]

The Hot Air About Methane

When President Biden left for the COP26 meeting in Glasgow recently, his primary plan for reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals in the Paris Accords was in disarray.  The cause of this disarray was mainly the opposition of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.  But Biden had Plan B, which involves a two-pronged approach to sharply […]

Climate Change Threatens National Security

A new national security estimate — the first of its kind devoted to climate change — has been issued by the U.S. intelligence community.  Simultaneously, the Biden White House has issued a fact sheet on prioritizing climate in foreign policy and national security matters.  The key finding is that climate change will increasingly worsen risks […]

Manchin Contributions from Oil & Gas Interests Dwarf Contributions from West Virginians

In his recent campaign finance report, Sen. Joe Manchin revealed that contributions from oil and gas interests – mostly in Texas – dwarfed the contributions he received from inside the state of West Virginia. Manchin is not involved in an active “campaign” at the moment and will not face reelection until 2024. The report covered […]

West Virginia Leads Nation in Infrastructure Flood Risk

A new report issued by the First Street Foundation says that West Virginia’s infrastructure is at high risk from damage by a 100-year flood, one that has a 1% chance of occurring each year.  Climate change is warming the air allowing it to hold more moisture, which causes more frequent and powerful rainstorms.  West Virginia’s […]

Majority of People on Earth Feeling Climate Impacts

By Ashira Morris, ODP Staff Writer According to new research published in the journal Nature Climate Change, at least 85% of the global population feels the impacts of human-induced climate change. The study evaluated more than 100,000 studies of events that could be linked to climate change, like crop failures, alongside temperature and precipitation changes […]
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West Virginia Wind Power Project to Get Upgrade

The Laurel Mountain Wind Project in Barbour and Randolph counties will be upgraded by 25% in the near future. The Project now involves 61 wind turbines and produces 98 megawatts of electricity. AES, the Project’s operator, announced the upgrade before the Randolph County Commission on October 7, 2021. No new turbines will be installed but […]