Carbon pollution is having a big impact
on our weather in West Virginia.

It seems like half the time we’re either in a drought or dealing with flooded creeks and rivers that threaten our families and neighbors. It’s hurting farmers and raising our food prices, too. Scientists say if we cut back on pollution, we can leave a safe and healthy West Virginia. But we have to do it now. Later is too late. The good news is we can!

Our Home Town

West Virginians always lend a hand to help a neighbor. That’s who we are. We need elected leaders to do their part, and stop making things worse.

Our Choice

Our motto is Mountaineers are always free. But our government restricts our rights when it comes to choosing energy for our homes.

Our Responsibility

Yes, we can have good jobs and a healthy environment. Our young people deserve both. We need both to keep your youth in West Virginia.

Our Money

It’s not just the temperature that’s going up. So is the price of food, utilities, and insurance. That’s the hidden cost of climate change.

Our Heritage

Mountaineers are outdoor people. We fish, we hunt. We know what grows in the woods. Our Sunday rides are in boats. Everything is changing.

Early Voting for Primary Begins May 1

Early voting for West Virginia’s May 14 Primary Election Day gets underway May 1 and continues until Saturday May 11.

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Early Primary Voting Begins May 1

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