Conservation West Virginia

Electing Our Conservation Leaders

Preserving the natural environment for ourselves and future generations is an important West Virginia value.

Our families, our communities and our economy are all stronger when we take care of our natural heritage.

We advance this important value by informing West Virginians about key conservation issues, taking positions on legislation and policy affecting the environment, and communicating our views to elected officials.

To make real change, conservationists must have political power. We help achieve this power by evaluating candidates for public office based on their conservation views and mobilizing voters to elect conservation leaders.

Fix It

Carbon pollution is overheating West Virginia. It’s causing extreme weather, raising the cost of living, and putting our outdoor heritage at risk.

Fix It is a nonpartisan campaign to save the West Virginia we love. No bans; no prohibitions. Just fair policies that fit our values. Visit our Fix It campaign now to learn more.

Conservation West Virginia is active in these areas of concern:

Clean Air
Pure Water
Land & Wildlife

Fix It News: Climate Change in West Virginia

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Another Climate Change Risk – Lyme Disease

We’ve always had ticks in West Virginia. But maybe you’ve noticed they’re worse now. You aren’t imagining it. There are more ticks these days and they are showing up earlier in the spring and dying off later in the fall. The culprit?…
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Climate Change Has Made This Extreme Heat Four Times More Likely

Everyone has noticed. Extreme heat has become more frequent and more widespread than in the past. Is it just a temporary natural fluke that will be corrected when we return to the mean temperatures experienced in the last fifty years? Absolutely…
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How the Deck is Stacked Against Solar Energy in West Virginia

Solar power is unlimited, cheap and pollution-free. New jobs are being created all over the country in the manufacturing and installation of solar energy infrastructure. States all around West Virginia are adopting public policy that promotes…

Conservation News

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New Energy Jobs – The Cure for West Virginia’s Youth Drain

In the last two decades, West Virginia’s story has been one of declining population, particularly young people of working-age, and sluggish job growth. Our representation in Congress recently dropped from three Representatives to two because…
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What Is Community Solar?

Everyone is familiar with rooftop solar panels. These are installed on homes, garages and barns – wherever there is adequate sunlight. Rooftop solar panels are popular because consumers can replace some of the expensive electricity produced…
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Nature-Based Flood Resiliency Can Safeguard West Virginia’s Future

Nearly all states have disaster recovery plans, and these typically include flood disaster recovery. Recovery is a different concept than resiliency, which is designed to harden communities and infrastructure against future harm. West Virginia…