Land and Wildlife

How we treat our own property says a lot about us as individuals. How our government makes land use decisions and how it regulates what industry and developers are permitted to do speaks volumes about what kind of state we are and can be.

Preserving farmland and forests, as well as parks and recreation areas, is important for our lives now and for future generation. It is also critical for the habitat of birds, wildlife and fish.

Our public officials frequently make choices on our behalf that will shape the world we and all other creatures live in. By making our voices heard on land use issues, we plan to help them make the right choices.

Our Land and Wildlife Platform

We support hunting, fishing, rafting and other outdoor recreation activities that are compatible with wildlife habitat and create no lasting environmental damage.

We oppose commercial logging in state parks and forests.

We oppose mountaintop removal mining.

We support the right of local governments and municipalities to regulate consumer packaging within their jurisdictions, including plastic bags, straws, styrofoam containers, and the like.

2021 Land and Wildlife Bills

HB 2105

West Virginia Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Control Act

This bill would impose a 10-cent deposit on all beverages sold in containers, which would be redeemable at certified recycling centers. These centers would recycle all such containers. The State Treasurer would reimburse the recycling centers for the redemption payments plus a 3% fee. The bill also authorizes reverse vending machines that would accept containers and issue redeemable vouchers. The bill would also create a Community Litter Control Fund within DNR funded by unredeemed deposits.

Sponsors: John Doyle

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Workforce Development Committee

HB 2568

Relating to Rules for Hunting Antlered Deer

This bill would require the Director of the DNR to propose a rule, among others, limiting the harvesting of antlered deer to two per licensee.

Sponsors: John Hott

CWV Position: Supports


HB 2647

Banning One-Use Polystyrene Food Containers

Prohibiting single-use polystyrene foam or hard plastic food service containers such as a cup, bowl, plate, cutlery, straw or cup lid.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 2/23/21; referred to Health and Human Resources Committee.

HB 3206

Amending Solid Waste Management Act to Add Requirements for Safe Composting of Organic Materials and Curbside Pickup

Providing procedures for the safe processing for organic waste and food waste, and requiring the DEP to promulgate rules related to implementing organic waste composting, and providing for curbside pickup of composting.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 3/16/21; referred to Health and Human Resources Committee

SB 323

Prohibiting Natural Resources Commission from Creating High Bag Limit for Antlered Deer

Prohibiting Natural Resources Commission from making any rule creating a bag limit for antlered deer of three or more.

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/17/21; referred to Natural Resources Committee

SB 407

Assessing Wildlife Impact Fee on Wind Power Project Operators

Authorizing DNRF to assess a wildlife replacement fee on operators of wind power projects that kill protected avian species, such as eagles, owls, etc.

Sponsors: Randy Smith

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 2/23/21; referred to Natural Resources Committee

SB 453

Creating Inventory and Map of All Roads in State and National Parks and Forests

Requiring DNR to inventory and map all roads in state and national parks and forests and determine the type of motorized and nonmotorized travel currently restricted on each.

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced 2/25/21; referred to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

SB 492

Bonding Requirement for Decommissioning Wind and Solar Installations

Imposing a minimum bond requirement of $150,000 for current and future large scale wind and solar installations to prevent the cost of decommissioning from being transferred to the public. Installations producing less than .5 megawatts are exempted.

Sponsors: Randy Smith

CWV Position:

Status: Introduced in Senate 3/21/21, referred to Industry and Mining Committee; referred to Senate Finance Committee 3/25/21; Passed Senate 3/30/21; Introduced in House 3/31/21, referred to Energy and Manufacturing Committee; amended on floor 4/10/21; Passed House 4/10/21; Senate concurs in House amendment 4/10/21.

SB 86

Creating Office of Outdoor Recreation in Commerce Department

Creates a new Office of Outdoor Recreation to coordinate outdoor recreation policy and land use management planning among state and federal agencies and local government entities, and to advocate for conservation of lands for a outdoor recreation uses. Creates an advisory board consisting of interested groups and industries, including one member to represent conservation interests.

CWV Position: Supports

Status: Introduced 2/10/21; referred to Economic Development Committee