Biden’s Pro-Environment Cabinet Picks

President-Elect Biden has named former Secretary of State John Kerry to be Special Climate Envoy.  Kerry will sit on the National Security Council as an internationally-focused climate czar.  Biden will also appoint a domestically-focused counterpart to Kerry.  At his introduction, Kerry stated that rejoining the Paris Accords will not be enough and that the world needs to adopt more ambitious climate goals at the Glasgow meetings one year from now.

The Washington Post reported on November 23 that Janet Yellen is President-Elect Biden’s pick to head the Treasury Department.  Yellen will be a climate-friendly Treasury Secretary if confirmed. On climate change, Yellen’s stance has revolved around her support for a carbon tax, which she has called a “textbook solution” to global warming.  Climate change is a Treasury issue because of the impact climate disasters can have on bank and insurance company balance sheets.