PSC Chair Committed To Keeping Coal-Fired Plants Running For A Decade

At the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting, leaders of the state’s largest energy and utility companies participated in a roundtable discussion with Public Service Commission Chair Charlotte Lane.  The meeting was held Labor Day weekend at the Greenbrier resort.

The PSC is responsible for supervising and regulating the state’s public utilities.  During her remarks, Lane said the PSC is committed to keeping the state’s baseload-fired coal plants open through at least the end of the decade

“It’s important for the security of the grid and the protection of the ratepayers,” she said. “We do not want to overlook the importance of wind farms or solar, but it is important that we keep our coal-fired generation working and going because we have to keep the grid reliable; we have to keep the grid resilient, and it’s important for our ratepayers and keeping the lights on, and it’s also important for homeland security.”