Denmark Agency Agrees to Investigate Rockwool

Local opponents of Rockwool have scored a big legal victory. NCP Denmark, a Danish government organization, will formally investigate Rockwool’s compliance with international business guidelines. The announcement follows an informal investigation that concluded enough evidence existed that dismissal of the complaint by the West Virginia opponents would be inappropriate. The formal investigation will conclude in early 2021.

The complaint centers on three concerns — air quality risks, water quality risks and political misbehavior. The goal is the immediate end to construction of the factory in Ranson, West Virginia. NCP Denmark is a non-judicial body that seeks to resolve complaints about business behavior affecting the environment and human rights. One procedure it offers is mediation between opposing parties but Rockwool rejected mediation.

Of significance, several elected officials signed on to the complaint including Delegates John Doyle (67) and Sammi Brown (65), and Jefferson County Commissioners Jane Tabb and Ralph Lorenzetti. Among the environmental groups joining to sign the complaint were the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Potomac Riverkeepers Network, Potomac Valley Audubon Society, West Virginia Citizens Action Group, West Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, and West Virginians for Sustainable Development.