SB 188

Grid Stabilization and Security Act of 2023

This bill would direct all state agencies to streamline their procedures to make the generation of electricity from natural gas easier, and direct the Secretary of Economic Development to locate appropriate sites for the construction of generating plants, providing several criteria. It would set time limits to expedite any application for a siting certificate before the PSC and other permits required for the construction of a generating facility.

Sponsors: Charles Trump

ISSUES: Climate, Development

CWV Position: We support natural gas generation, but not expedited approval of sites based on narrow criteria.

Status: Introduced 1/13/23; referred to Economic Development; committee substitute bill 1/26/23; passed Senate 2/1/23; sent to House 2/1/23, referred to Economic Development & Tourism; passed out to full House 2/16/23; amended 3/2/23; passed House 3/3/23; approved by Governor 3/28/23