HB 2896

Regulation and Storage of Radioactive Waste Materials and Radon Prevention

This statute would do too much to summarize adequately. It replaces current statutes regarding licensing of radon testers and laboratories. It adds a new statute regarding periodic testing of x-ray machines. It adds a statute on radon prevention in new school construction. It adds a Radiation Control Act which would bring state regulation into line with the federal government and many other states. The bill would promote the uses of radioactive material in the state for peaceful purposes. It would not apply to any facilities regulated by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The DEP is designated as the State Radiation Control Agency, with a a lengthy list of duties and rulemaking responsibility. The DEP is given eminent domain authority to acquire land for ionizing radiation control projects, and to convey this land to private commercial interests for scientific facilities and "nuclear storage areas." The DEP would also assume responsibility for regulating the perpetual custody of radioactive material at any private site where the owner has abandoned responsibility. The DEP would be charged with developing regulations concerning all radioactive material not under the jurisdiction of the federal NRC, and for licensing, among other things, the storage of this material.

Sponsors: John Hott

ISSUES: Development, Land & Wildlife

CWV Position: Opposes

Status: Introduced 1/20/23, referred to Energy and Manufacturing then Judiciary; then to Finance 2/2/23; committee substitute passed House 2/15/23; to Senate Economic Development Committee 2/20/23; committee amendment