Big Vermont Settlement in Forever Chemical Case

On November 11, 2021 a $34million settlement was reached between residents of Bennington, VT, and Saint-Gobain Corporation, which formerly operated a Teflon factory in the area. Teflon was made using PFOA, the infamous “forever chemical” that fouled the Ohio River near Parkersburg, West Virginia. PFOA contamination affected some 2,400 properties and 8,000 residents in the Bennington area.

Saint-Gobain agreed to compensate eligible property owners $26.2 million for the reduction in value of their property.  Also free medical monitoring will be available to residents who ingested PFOA-contaminated water and who have more than 2.1 parts per billion of PFOA in their blood.

The settlement must be approved by the federal judge presiding in the case.

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