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Climate Change Threatens National Security

A new national security estimate — the first of its kind devoted to climate change — has been issued by the U.S. intelligence community.  Simultaneously, the Biden White House has issued a fact sheet on prioritizing climate in foreign policy and national security matters.  The key finding is that climate change will increasingly worsen risks […]

West Virginia Leads Nation in Infrastructure Flood Risk

A new report issued by the First Street Foundation says that West Virginia’s infrastructure is at high risk from damage by a 100-year flood, one that has a 1% chance of occurring each year.  Climate change is warming the air allowing it to hold more moisture, which causes more frequent and powerful rainstorms.  West Virginia’s […]


Biden Restores Protections for Migratory Birds

For 100 years, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) has protected nearly 1000 bird species in the United States against being “taken” or killed except under prescribed circumstances. This statute prohibits hunters from intentionally killing birds without a permit, but has also been interpreted by courts and the Interior Department to prohibit incidental taking – […]

West Virginia Wind Power Project to Get Upgrade

The Laurel Mountain Wind Project in Barbour and Randolph counties will be upgraded by 25% in the near future. The Project now involves 61 wind turbines and produces 98 megawatts of electricity. AES, the Project’s operator, announced the upgrade before the Randolph County Commission on October 7, 2021. No new turbines will be installed but […]

Large Solar Array Installed at Huntington Nonprofit

On September 29, Huntington city officials and representatives from Coalfield Development flipped the switch on a 294-panel solar array on the nonprofit’s building in Huntington.  Coalfield Development trains coal miners to transition to renewable energy jobs.  This solar installation is the largest for any nonprofit in West Virginia. The building, known as West Edge, houses […]


World Medical Journals Call For Action on Climate Change As Health Issue

Leading medical, nursing and public health journals throughout the world published a joint editorial on September 5, 2021 calling for urgent action on climate change.  The editorial focused on rising health problems already being felt from rising global temperatures. In the past 20 years, heat-related mortality among people over 65 years of age has increased […]

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Judge Rejects Red State Challenge to Biden’s New Social Cost of Carbon

In January 2021, the Biden Administration announced that it would establish a new, interim cost figure for the damage caused by a ton of greenhouse gas emissions. The executive order said “An accurate social cost is essential for agencies to accurately determine the social benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions when conducting cost-benefit analyses of […]